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Issue 4: December 2013

Hi Linwood Residents & Businesses,

At the November 2013 general meeting of the Linwood Community Council, we had our yearly elections for Officers and Trustees. Though we had a couple of Trustees leave the Board due to personal or business reasons, the make-up of the Board is almost a repeat of last year.

The major change is in the Officer slate. Mr. Alexander Linser was elected as President, and I as Vice President. This was not an unexpected change, as I had a 6-year tenure as President, and felt that I needed to step back from this position.

Alex and the new Board of Trustees start their term on January 1, 2014. I, and all on the Board of Trustees, feel that this change will infuse some renewed energy to our efforts to improve our neighborhood and make Linwood a better area in which to live and work.

As in the past, each and every Linwood resident and business owner is welcomed and encouraged to attend the Council general meetings, which are normally held on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The matters discussed at our meetings and the decisions that the Board makes, affect YOU and everyone else in the neighborhood.

Tom Salamon
President, Linwood Community Council