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Issue 2: May 2012

Hi Linwood

We have now reached the month of May, and your Linwood Community Council has been hard at work to make our neighborhoods a better place to live and work in.

I say “neighborhoods”, as Linwood is a bit fragmented, with each area having their unique problems and concerns.  Wooster Road area has become a major commercial / industrial area, whereas the Hutton Avenue neighborhood, as well as the Heekin Avenue hillside community is residential, and the Eastern Avenue corridor is a mix of residential, businesses and churches, all on a U.S. highway.

The community council is fortunate to have volunteers from each of these areas to press their specific concerns, issues and needs.  But a couple of representatives from each area are not enough.  We would be able to accomplish so much more to better Linwood with more participation from all of our neighbors.  Won’t you join us at our Council meetings and help us make Linwood cleaner and safer area, a neighborhood that would attract not only new residents, but businesses as well.

Our May meeting is out of the norm.  Linwood is hosting the Meet & Greet at the Sandbar on Kellogg Avenue, starting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22nd.  This is a quarterly event involving Linwood, East End, and Columbia-Tusculum.  The purpose of these mostly social meetings is to get to know our next-door neighborhoods with the goal of improving the entire east side area through cooperation between our communities.  We will have a speaker from District 2 Police, and along with the social aspect, there is always the opportunity for an exchange of ideas and information.  Please plan on joining us for this event.

Thanks to the residents who have been planting and caring for the community flower pots.  They all look beautiful, and we do still have a few more planters that are in need of “adoption”.  Let us know if you would like to fill and plant some flowers in one of them.

Also thanks go to all those who helped in the Great American Clean-Up.  Even though the weather was uncooperative, we managed to clean up quite a bit of trash and debris from Wooster Road, Beechmont Circle and the Linwood Ball Field.

And please note that the Community Garden is still in the discovery phase, and if you have any interest in this project, please contact either Leann Secen at or Cookie Salamon at .

And finally, please save August 7, 2012 and join Linwood at the annual National Night Out, again being held at Owl’s Nest Park in O’Bryanville.  This event takes place all over the country, and is sponsored by local law enforcement services.  There is music, food and lots of free gifts, as well as a showcase of law enforcement equipment.  This is a great place to reinforce safety and security for you and your family members.  Admission is FREE –all you have to do is show up!

Best Regards,

Tom Salamon

Linwood Community Council