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Issue 1: March 2012

To Linwood Residents and Businesses –

Spring is fast approaching, and brings with it the rebirth of the foliage, flowers and greenery in our neighborhood.  During the past few months your Linwood Community Council has been busy discussing ways to better our area and make it more friendly, safe and “usable” for our residents and businesses.  We are actively in the process of a number of initiatives to this end.

Your Council has been associating with our two neighboring communities, East End and Columbia Tusculum, through regular “Meet & Greet” events. These social events take place at a local establishment, and are geared to have the communities become more familiar with each other, open channels of communications between us, and discuss interactions that will benefit our entire areas.

We on the Council are excited about this interaction, and to show our commitment, we have volunteered to host the 2nd quarter Meet & Greet at the newest Linwood establishment, The Double Barrel Brewery on Eastern Avenue.  This event will take place sometime in May, and all is welcome to join in.

The three neighborhoods also have been in discussions about collaborating to form a business association to cover our three neighborhoods.  Linwood by itself does not fit the criteria established by the City of Cincinnati to form and maintain our own business association.  Our local businesses can, however, take advantage of the proposed joint business district that would highlight the three areas using a united front.

There are other initiatives in the process as well.  One of these is a Linwood Community picnic which we are trying to organize for later this summer, and as the date and place firm up, we will update our residents and businesses so they can add this event to their calendars.

And finally, we have a number of residents who have been attending a course given by the Civic Garden Center, with the intention of starting a community garden.  This endeavor is still in its planning stages, but seems to have plenty of interest.  Again, we will keep you informed on its progress.

In closing, I just want to remind our residents and businesses that Linwood is as much your community as ours.  Your council members work hard to make Linwood a better place to live and work.  At the last elections in November 2011, we were pleased to add three new council members to the Board.  Decisions we make affect all residents and businesses.  Won’t YOU come and join us for our meetings and join in on our discussions and decisions?  We would love to see YOU there!

Best Regards,

Tom Salamon

Linwood Community Council