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Letter from LLC President
Fall is coming

Issue 6: September 2009

Letter from LLC President

Dear Linwood Community —

This past month, I have had some personal losses in my life and I would like to start by extending a sincere thanks to the Linwood Council for their kind expression of sympathy. My father passed away in Florida, and Cookie and I were away due to this for 3 weeks in August. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend to Council business personally, but I want to thank the Council and the Board for carrying on in my absence.

Our police report was sobering this month, due to the crisis in the City budget. We are hoping that the layoffs can be avoided and that we can continue to maintain our present standard of police protection and security in Linwood.

We support the police and are grateful for their interest and participation at our Council meetings, and for their consistent neighborhood presence. If and when these budget cuts are made in our police department, we as citizens of Linwood must be especially alert. We must remain vigilant in our community to prevent crime and preserve the safety of our streets for ourselves and our neighbors. Let's do everything we can to help the police department keep the criminal element out of Linwood!

Unfinished business, this month, includes our application to Mural Works. Unfortunately, Church Street is not an acceptable wall, and we are currently seeking other options. Any help and/or suggestions from the community are welcomed. Also, we are currently investigating website updates, and are very excited about neighborhood interest in this endeavor. We hope that in the very near future we will have the Linwood website up and running again.

In closing, thanks again Linwood residents and businesses. Keeping our community clean and beautiful is paramount in order to maintain a healthy and pleasant neighborhood. Picking up trash, mowing and weed control, and sweeping all contribute to a great environment in which to live and work.

Again, join your community council and come to the meetings and help make things continue to happen in Linwood.

Tom Salamon

School Days

Kilgour School

Neighborhood Open House –
Tuesday Sept. 29th

School tours are also conducted on the first Wednesday of each month at 10 a.m. Call 513-363-3000 to schedule a tour or for more information about any of Kilgour's upcoming events.

Riverview East Academy

Enrollment times are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Please call 513-363-3400 for a list of the necessary enrollment documents and any questions.

Seasons Change

It's soon going to be fall leaf season. Are you going to compost your own leaves this fall? Maybe take them to the yard waste drop-off center or put them in paper yard waste bags on the curb?

Think about running them over with your mower first to chip them up, and make them much easier to compost and transport—where ever you decide to haul them. Your lawn will thank you if you chop them very fine and leave some of that leaf litter on the ground.

If you are composting at home—equal parts of green and brown compost make the pile cook more quickly—a recipe for good earth. Add water to each layer and give it a good swirl occasionally.

Examples of green parts are grass clippings, green leaves, vegetable garden scraps, floral scraps and floral leaves. Brown parts are dry leaves, straw, shredded newspapers and small twigs.

And don't try to do the whole yard in one weekend or one day—spread the workload and the compost pile out over a couple of weeks. It can be a great stress reliever to go out and rake for an hour or so—or a fun family event.