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Issue 4: June 2009

Letter from LLC President

Dear Friends —

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful season and are getting ready for the summer ahead. Gardens and flowers are being planted, grass is being mowed, sidewalks are getting swept, and everyone is going outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Unfortunately, we did not get any free flowers from Benken's Nursery this year. If there is an empty flower pot by you, feel free to brighten the community by planting some flowers and taking care of them this summer. Thanks to all of you who have already done this. The pots look lovely and Linwood is fortunate to have you good citizens.

Our Soap Box Derby car is built and Brian Middleton and his son Brian Jr. are eager to get into the race. Please support them on race day – June 28th. The race starts at 10 a.m. at Central Ave and 4th Street and ends on Central Ave and Pete Rose Way. There is also a soap box race at 3rd and Central.

Little Brian is only 8 years old, but he is very excited about racing, and our community needs to cheer him on. The Mayor is offering monetary awards to the winning communities. Come on out and join the fun on June 28th and send us your photos for the newsletter!

Your Community Council has been busy discussing the noise issue with the businesses in the area. Caraustar/Cincinnati Paperboard has been working with us in trying to keep its operation neighborhood-friendly. We are also discussing the sewer problems along Wooster Road, and looking into ways to minimize the odors coming from them.

Street sweeping, noise, high weeds and trash are all issues that must be consistently addressed. Please help us by reporting these and any other problems or issues to the proper City agency or the police. Call 591-6000 to report city property problems, like overgrown weeds on the right of way.

Come to our Community Council meetings and bring up any concerns you may have – we may be able to help you solve the situation. We all need to work together to keep our neighborhood clean and safe. Lastly, the Fox19 Can Movie Festival has unfortunately been shelved for this year due to the inability of Fox19 to secure funding for the event. Hopefully, this idea will resurface next year and we can have a community fund-raiser while having a great time ourselves.

Linwood is a great place to live. Please get active in our community and help us keep it that way.

From the Editor of the Linwood Lantern

Dear friends and neighbors

The Linwood School property is scheduled to be auctioned off by the Cincinnati Public Schools on June 9th. The loss of our neighborhood school was inevitable with the decline in enrollment, but we can hope that the history of that school is not lost. The building architecture, called “Romanesque Revival Style” was designed by architects Fecheimer & Ilhorst. The impending auction reminded me that a few years ago council committed to trying to save Linwood's history and we had started an archive project.

As part of that project, I had reprinted excerpts from a compendium of Cincinnati History books regarding the history of Linwood, and I gathered up documents from our dear friend Billie Bibb, who had been saving newspaper articles for years about the history of Linwood during the late 1960s to 2000.

As I was thinking about the information that Billie had given me (which is stored in my attic), I realized that when that information was published it started quite a few people talking and thinking about who Linwood had been, and who she was then (over 10 years ago). I hope this new project will possibly encourage you to get involved in the council and in trying to record another 100 years of Linwood.

If you are interested in pursuing the topic, let me know. I am collecting photos, stories, lists of residents, etc. and hope to put it all together in some kind of document, both electronic and printed. The Ohio Bookstore on Main St. downtown has a collection of published books and booklets from four or five Cincinnati neighborhoods and I thought that would serve as a good template. From there, I recently purchased two very thoroughly researched books on the history of Cincinnati.

At the same time, I was researching this idea, Pam Beckler said apparently there are plans underway to sponsor a Linwood Day in connection with Linwood School. The particulars of this information is unknown to the council. If you know about the group sponsoring this event or the event details, please let someone on the council know so that we can promote and support the effort. We will be happy to share the good news with all the residents of Linwood. This is just the kind of thing that we want to publicize in the Lantern. If you go to that event, take photos and please mention that we would like to preserve any information that they have about Linwood School, and its pupils and residents.

Jenny O’Donnell

Caraustar Closes Cardboard Recycling Drop-Off Site

June 1st was the last day to drop off cardboard, paperboard and paper products at the Wooster Road Caraustar recycling center. Caraustar representatives informed the council that the collection quantity has October 27 declined, the quality of materials has deteriorated, “and our overall benefit has declined.”

While Linwood is sorry to see this service go — hope fully this decline is in part because more people are recycling their cardboard, pressboard and paper prod ucts curbside in their weekly green bins, and have started thinking of ways to reduce their junk mail and paper packaging products, so there is less of this to recycle. Please continue to recycle as much as possible.

Linwood Baptist Church

from Diane Kleinfelter at Linwood Baptist Church

The friendly folks at Linwood Baptist Church (4808 Eastern Ave.) invite Linwood neighbors to join us as we grow and connect with God, each other and our broader community. Sunday worship – a blend of traditional and contemporary with powerful big-screen images – is at 11:00 a.m. (Coffee and goodies served at 10:30) Also, we have a “small group” of adults who meet for Bible Study and fellowship every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at the church. Give us a try!

Summer Concert Series: Grab your lawn chairs, family members & friends on Weds., June 10, and head over to the first gig of the Summer Concert Series sponsored by Linwood Baptist Church, 4808 Eastern Ave., in their church parking lot. Free refreshments, and great music (“oldies,” patriotic songs, and more) by talented musician Dan Henning. Watch this space for info about the July 8 (“Poco Loco” Latin Jazz/Salsa), August 12 (musicians TBA), and September 9 (“Blue Tip” Classic Rock) parking lot concerts.

Linwood Baptist Church

Vacation Bible School (a joint effort of Linwood Baptist Church along with sister church Columbia Baptist Church) will be offered free of charge to local children July 13-18, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Columbia church (3718 Eastern Ave.). The church plans to offer a pre-VBS light supper for the kids, so you won't have to worry about their dinner! Call Pastor Dianne Steelman at 231-4912 to register your child or for more information.

Have a prayer need? Call the church 871-2954 or submit your confidential prayer request via the church's website: “We will pray for you!”

In a Neighborhood Near You…

Hyde Park Blast

Saturday June 27th in conjunction with Hyde Park's 4th of July fireworks event — there will be several fun and fitness events in Hyde Park Square. In 2001, a couple of friends decided they wanted to enhance the already well known fireworks event with a fitness event. This year there will be a “criterion,” a fast-paced short-distance bicycling event around Hyde Park Square, a 4-mile run, a 4-mile walk, a kids run, and a 4-mile elite runner race. For those who just want to mingle without getting sweaty there will be a block party that starts at 6 p.m.

Mt. Washington's Farmers Market

Every Thursday from 2:30 to 6:30 in Stanbery Park

Dance in the Park — Ault Park

July 13th, Aug. 16th from 6 to 10:30 p.m.

Hyde Park's Farmers Market

Open every Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Look for Linwood Sausage and other good eats.


This year’s Paddlefest — canoes and kayaks paddling from Coney Island to the Serpentine wall will be June 27th. There will be a big party at Coney the night before with music, food, and lots of exhibits, games, etc.

Blues Festival

Friday Aug. 7 and Saturday Aug. 8th — the 11th Annual Blues Fest sponsored by the Cincinnati Blues Association will be held at the Serpentine Wall. This was at one time an event sponsored by Columbia Tusculum and the East End community councils.

WebFeat relocates to Linwood from Madeira

Please welcome WebFeat to their new location on Eastern Ave. The web design and site developing company, which has been in business since 1998 moved here last month after Michelle purchased and completely remodeled the 4907 Eastern Ave. building. They might think their home is at but we in Linwood are happy to have their physical presence in Linwood.

This rehab effort adds to the efforts by the architects Tim and Mary Schapp who rehabbed 4955-57 Eastern Ave., and the families who have been rehabbing and maintaining the homes from Linwood Ave to Columbia Parkway along Eastern. The resurgence of an Eastern Ave. business district is a positive sign of things to come.