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Letter from LLC President
School–Community Partnership
Keep Linwood Beautiful
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Issue 1: March 2009

Letter from LLC President

Hi Linwood —

Well, here we are in March, getting ready for another year of activities in our neighborhood.

Your Community Council has, unfortunately, gotten off to a slow start, as we had to cancel our January meeting, due to inclement weather. So our goal of starting early on our neighborhood project funding was not accomplished for this year.

We did, however, hold our February meeting on February 24th, 2009. At this meeting we worked up our funding request to submit to NSP. We also voted on the frequency of our newsletter, The Linwood Lantern, and decided on the months of printing.

Other actions included the election of a Treasurer to replace the person elected in November 2008, who then later resigned, and also the appointment of three key committee chairs. You can see a list of Officers, board members and committee chairs elsewhere in this newsletter.

We are now in need of a webmaster! Our web site has been sitting idle for way too long, and desperately needs to be updated and maintained. If you have talent in this area, and are willing to donate some of your time to your Community, please contact me, or any other member of your Linwood Community Council.

Tom Salamon

Riverview East Community Learning Center and Kilgour are Linwood's neighborhood schools

Riverview East Community Learning Center is a partnership between school and community. Contact P. Tiggs at Cincy-After School Program phone: 513-363-3489 or email:

"Y" Achievers Club

Teens develop leadership skills while building career goals and community service opportunities. This group will attend special events like Kirk Franklin Banquet, Teen Center Dance, and Spring Break College Tours.


The program teaches participants the basics of swimming, using skill progression from blowing bubbles and floating to proper kicking and breathing technique. Learn water safety and rescues through education and practice.

Life Skills

Life Skills assist teens in job readiness and financial management skills. Life Skills for adults focus on home life enhancement for the families through interactive lectures and workshops with parents and youth.

Ink Tank for teen writers.

Develop writing skills, self-expression and self confidence by participating in these programs.

Sports Injury Prevention

Individuals will learn the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a safe environment for athletes while participating in sports.

Health Seeker Fitness Center

Health seekers can work out with Lyons YMCA in Riverview East Gym and Fitness Center. Sign up for Strength Training and other classes.

Spanish Camp

Participants gain appreciation and understanding of Spanish and Mexican Heritage. Youth will learn language, food, culture and be introduced to local Spanish community organizations through field trips.

Community Gardening

Adults and youth are invited to participate in gardening activities at the East End Veteran's Memorial Community Garden located at 247 Strader Ave.

Brain Games and Crafts

This activity helps to stimulate the left and right side of the brain using arts and crafts and problem solving games.

Information from the Riverview East website

Keep Linwood Beautiful

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and the Great American Clean Up are again sponsoring individual neighborhoods' efforts to clean up after those slobs who can't clean up after themselves.

It's sad to say, but true. Linwood residents have been supporting the annual clean-ups for over 25 years now, and we still manage to find hundreds of pounds of household trash each year, including old tires, batteries, cans, bottles and newspapers. Much of which can be safely and easily recycled or disposed of properly if someone were to just take the time to find out how.

This year, Jim Marthaler is again going to head up the clean-up day in Linwood, but don't think you only have one day to pick up litter. Linwood residents picked up trash on Heekin in early March, and others were planning a clean-up for the third week of March in conjunction with the first day of spring. All it takes is a pair of gloves, some large garbage bags and a little free time. You can pick your spot.

Linwoodians are part of a greater effort. Last year, Great American Cleanup volunteers collected 200 million pounds of litter and debris; planted 4.6 million trees, flowers and bulbs; cleaned 178,000 miles or roads, streets and highways; and diverted more than 70.6 million plastic bottles and 2.2 million tires from public dump sites. KCB estimates 7.7 million hours will be spent cleaning up this year between March 1st and May 31st across the country.

Tips from the Pros

From our great Linwood businesses, we are asking for tips to help us improve our property, our health and our quality of life. If you are a Linwood Business Owner use this column to offer consumer advice to Lantern readers.

This month's tip comes from Tina Mattix of Huff Realty:

Surprised by your DUKE Energy Bill?

Call Duke for The Home Energy House Call program. It is a free service that will provide you with personalized energy information unique to your home and energy practices.

How do I qualify?

How it Works

A trained energy specialist will visit your home, at your convenience, to conduct a thorough in-home analysis. The energy specialist will:

From the information collected, a custom-tailored report detailing steps you can take to increase efficiency and reduce your energy bill is prepared and mailed to you within 10 days.

As part of their commitment to saving you money on your energy bill, they will also provide you with a free Energy Efficiency Starter Kit. The energy specialist can install the items at the time of your Home Energy House Call, so you can begin saving your energy dollars right away.

To schedule your appointment for a free energy analysis, call 1-877-388-7676 to find out when auditors will be in your area. Saturday and weeknight appointments are available for your convenience upon request.

The Home Energy House Call is a free program available to the customers of Duke Energy for a limited time on a first come, first served basis. Duke Energy may terminate the program at any time without notice.